Forestoration Inc., Trails & Parks

Trails & Parks

We plan, design, and build exceptional recreational trails and parks. These include:

  • world-class public hiking and mountain biking trails
  • nature trails for private landowners
  • interpretive and educational trails
  • natural area parks and playscapes in both urban and rural landscapes

Types of Clients

Our clients include cities, counties, non-profits, agencies, and private landowners.

Types of Trails

We specialize in the planning and design of natural-surface and soft-surface trail systems, such as boardwalks, bridges, and other features that enhance hiking and cycling experiences.

The majority of our trails are multi-use for walkers, runners, mountain bikers, and equestrians. Wheelchair accessible trails and facilities are designed into many of our trailheads.

Trailhead Features

In conjunction with trails, we also plan and design trailhead facilities such as parking areas, information kiosks, picnic areas, donation boxes, and toilet and garbage facilities.

Design Considerations

Factors we consider in the design and construction of successful trails and parks include:

  • soil composition
  • the potential for erosion to occur from use
  • who the potential user groups will be
  • what the surrounding vegetation is
  • desired trail destinations
  • historical use of the land
  • land use regulations

Project Communication

Public trail and park projects typically include many stakeholders. We take particular care to establish open lines of communication with all parties. When designing projects on private land, maintaining excellent communication with our clients at all times is a top priority.

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Forestoration, Inc., is a multi-disciplinary firm specializing in the planning, design, and management of outdoor spaces, from backcountry natural areas to urban parks and residential landscapes.

Our core services are:
Trails & Urban Parks
Restoration & Revegetation
Forest Management

Our nursery, Center for Native Plants, is the only retail native plant nursery in the Flathead Valley.