Forestoration Inc., Restoration & Revegetation

Restoration & Revegetation

A core service of Forestoration is the restoration and revegetation of disturbed areas to a more natural condition. This includes riparian areas (lakeshores and streambanks), forests, meadows, and other disturbed areas. We work closely with our nursery, Center for Native Plants, on sourcing the right plants for the right place and habitat.

Types of Clients

Our clients include state agencies, land trusts, non-profits, and private landowners.

Planning Considerations

Successful restoration projects require thoughtful planning that takes into account appropriate plant material, adequate site prep, planting techniques, weed control, rodent protection, fencing for deer protection, watering plans, and other criteria.


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Forestoration, Inc., is a multi-disciplinary firm specializing in the planning, design, and management of outdoor spaces, from backcountry natural areas to urban parks and residential landscapes.

Our core services are:
Trails & Urban Parks
Restoration & Revegetation
Forest Management

Our nursery, Center for Native Plants, is the only retail native plant nursery in the Flathead Valley.