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Inspired by our beautiful, natural surroundings in northwestern Montana, we design and install custom, naturalistic landscapes for residential and commercial landowners. We take care to design around the interesting aspects a piece of land has, and to include design features that are artful, colorful, and fanciful—features that create unique experiences when walking through the landscape.

Design Features

Our designs, led by principal designer David Noftsinger, include water features, custom stonework, plants native to Montana, walking paths, and whimsical features that inspire the soul and provide space for relaxation.

Forestoration, Inc., Landscape Drawings (12)Forestoration, Inc., Landscape Drawings (13)Forestoration, Inc., Landscape Drawings (8)

Project Communication

We work closely with clients to clearly understand their goals and needs. It is important to us that for all projects, large or small, we get it right—that we create landscape designs that fit the space, have interesting features, and resonate with our clients.

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Forestoration, Inc., is a multi-disciplinary firm specializing in the planning, design, and management of outdoor spaces, from backcountry natural areas to urban parks and residential landscapes.

Our core services are:
Trails & Urban Parks
Restoration & Revegetation
Forest Management

Our nursery, Center for Native Plants, is the only retail native plant nursery in the Flathead Valley.